How Trees Clean the Air

From Our Partner: One Tree Planted

Trees provide a broad array of benefits. From helping to clean our water, providing food and shelter, to relieving our stress and promoting jobs, trees also help clean the air we breathe. Trees have a crucial role in removing air pollutants from atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen.


“Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the greenhouse gas effect, all while providing us with clean air to breathe.”

Trees become increasingly important in urban settings as they lend a hand with air pollution via their natural cycle of carbon absorption. Remember, trees breathe in pollutants like carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen for us to inhale. It’s a pretty neat cycle and is crucially important to living systems.


Another big way that trees improve air quality is by reducing outdoor temperatures. This results in less use of energy demanding air conditioning units in warmer climates. Less demand on energy generation will result in fewer pollutants emitted, lower greenhouse gases, and ultimately a lower level of carbon in our atmosphere.

Stay tuned as we continue to share the importance of trees and all 6 Pillars of Tree Planting in a series. Next time, we’ll be talking about water—because without it, life cannot exist. You see? it’s all connected. Now go ahead and thank a tree. Or better yet, why not plant one?