Chicago Firewood Delivery – Innovation and Sustainability Leaders

Starting in 2019, Nature First Logistics identified room for innovation and conservation in the Chicago market. 

Launched by Midwest incubator Great White Financial – set on building innovative tech and conservation solutions – Nature First Logistics brings you Chicago Firewood Delivery (123 GET WOOD).

CEO George Kemper – Leader and Lifelong Lover of Country and Nature 

George Kemper is the innovative, forward thinking CEO at the helm of this rapidly growing operation. 

“We are focused on the Solution!”

“Let’s preserve the splendor of this beautiful country by supplying people the comfort of a wood burning fire. A small way of connecting ourselves in the similar manner that our ancestors did as a symbol of community.  We can address climate issues by being proactive and taking responsibility while also disconnecting from our hectic lives.  Lives, that at times, pull us more and more away from nature.  I aim to see that Chicago Firewood Delivery sets the standard in doing both.”

George Kemper is an Eagle Scout as well as a veteran who served as an Infantry Mortarman within the 101st Airborne Division.

Courtney Lee – Strategic Marketing and Customer Service Advisor

Courtney, CEO of BeatYourAds marketing, oversees Chicago Firewood Delivery marketing. As part of key innovation for her firm – BeatYourAds – she sees to it that Chicago Firewood Delivery is constantly optimized and primed to grow. She ensures great customer service in our early stage and advises our staff. She is driven to see that Chicago Firewood Delivery helps more people easily receive firewood and become empowered to make a difference in healing the planet!